Edgbaston Wedding, very dark church. De-noise or grain.

Nice wedding but the church was so dark, I started to de noise the inside photos of the church wedding then as I was doing it realised the noise added something to the pics. I’ll upload the wedding later but this is a good example, featured image is how it was shot and this one is de-noised.  Much prefer the grainy shot. It was shot on a Nikon D3s , Nikon 80-200mm F.2.8 lens at 6400 iso, 160 sec at f2.8 at 180mm. The couple are black if that isn’t clear from these pics.

Favourite places to work.

With Spring already here the location shoots are starting to come in and it got me thinking about where I actually enjoy shooting. Already this month I have been on assignment in 4 different London studios, hired properties, windswept country villages (well it is May) and have jobs booked in Ibiza, Formentera, Cornwall and Birmingham in the next couple of weeks. Most locations have their pros and cons and I thought it might be interesting to put them down in this blog. So in no particular order here are some of the things I come across Studios. Pros, full of …

Who’s the nicest/worst person you’ve ever photographed?

One of the things I get asked all the time is “who is the nicest or worst celebrity you’ve ever photographed?” Obviously my professionalism would never let me answer as it’s a small world and that person could be a friend of the person asking the question. Another reason is doing this job you get to understand that celebrities have good and bad days just like the rest of us. I have sometimes left a job thinking that the person I’ve just met is a twat and swore every time I see their face on the TV only to photograph …

Greenwich South London first wedding 2016

Did my first wedding of the year late February, a cold day in South East London. Nice wedding though and I’m getting to grips with Lightroom and it made the post production interesting. In the pic below of the bride Sarah getting the lens correction came in very useful.

Bill Bailey in the pub

I did this portrait of Bill Bailey in his local pub in Hammersmith, West London a couple of years ago. I did no colour correction after as it had lovely warm tones that suited the picture. Bill is an easy subject to photograph as he has a great face and is a very giving person which makes my job so much easier. I know he loves this portrait and after appearing on the cover of  The Mail on Sunday’s magazine it has been used in several publications including one as far away as Australia.

Chris Rea

Following in the foot steps of quite a few other rock stars Chris Rea is a real petrol head. When I was photographing him in 2005 for Live Magazine he insisted on showing me his motors. His favourite at he time was a Caterham super lightweight model that was pretty much a street legal racing car, he took his driving very seriously.  A very nice modest guy, spent a few hours with him in his house which has a state of the art studio as well. The photo shown isn’t one which was used at the time but has since …

Simon Day aka Brian Pern

Simon Day from the Fast Show but more recently Brian Pern for those who watch BBC3 comedy. This was shot for The Mail on Sunday magazine but was recently bought and used by The Sunday Times. Re-touched differently for that mag. I shot this outside against a house in Primrose Hill (where he lives) North London, I used an outside portable Ellinchrom Ranger that is great but the battery weighs a ton. Anyway, good guy with an incredibly interesting life with plenty of ups and downs and a quite expensive habit that he managed to kick.

Raymond Blanc portrait Le Manoir

If you’ve ever been to Le Manor in Oxfordshire you’ll know that attention to detail is prevalent in everything there. The owner Raymond Blanc is a true perfectionist and in my experience this can make it difficult to get the person to open up during a portrait session. I’ve photographed him a few times for various magazines and he is always keen to talk about his herb garden, latest sculpture and new recipes for his restaurant. He’s less inclined to relax and be directed for a picture, this isn’t a bad thing in fact I think it shows someone who …